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Cherie Logan is a family life mentor, author, public speaker, homeschooling coach, doula, childbirth educator, nursing coach, genealogist specializing in American research, grief and trauma management coach, an expert on personal and family communication, and a Founding Member of the Family Life Coaching Group, Mentoring Families, Happily Home Taught, Mother-Led New Beginnings, Cords of Light, Grandparents and Getaways, and Becoming Crystal Clear Communications. She is a contributing author to The Noble Child, Family Life Wisdom, and to Valerie Steimle’s Home Is Where The Learning Is: Homeschool Lifestyles from Homeschool Moms.

Cherie has been teaching women in the areas of childbirth, nursing, rearing and homeschooling children from 1981-2016. She pulled together people to start a private school in San Diego, California in the early 1990’s and hosted several educational guest speakers for that area. She gave the keynote address for the Utah Home Education Association’s convention of 1999. She has taught classes at the UHEA conventions, and was a guest speaker at a convention in Boise, Idaho for Homeschooling on the subject of helping family members through traumatic experiences. She has also been a guest speaker at George Wythe University on Family Communication and was on a guest on a mom panel for Oliver and Rachel DeMille’s Thomas Jefferson Education conference in Cedar City. She has maintained a presence on the web and in LDS homeschooling circles for many years as the creator of The Noble Child and is currently a part of Happily Home Taught.

In 1986, Cherie started mentoring people in the art of family communication and became a Life Coach specializing in the Family, in healing from trauma, and insetting and accomplishing personal goals. In the mid-90’s she developed Becoming Crystal Clear Communication classes to help people understand how their family communicates and the learning styles of their children.  Her emphasis is in helping to good people grow into becoming great families and in mentoring healthy individuals and families to improve their lives and relationships.

In 1988, Cherie started writing articles to help women understand, enjoy and improve in their roles as wives, mothers, and in homeschooling their children. She has been featured in books by authors specializing in homeschooling, raising children, and personal and spiritual development. She has written books about family life, homeschooling, brain language style communication skills, as well as a couple of novels for young adults.

Cherie and Jalyn Bertagnolli met in 1981 and instantly formed a life-long friendship and working relationship. In 2000, they formed a mom school that their students quickly dubbed “Logan School.” They taught homeschooled youth ranging from ages 10 to 18 years-old. Their classes met 1-3 days each week, and ran an average of 4 hours each day. Their students numbered between 12 and 30+ with a wide variety of subjects that changed every semester. She is an advocate of Dr. Glenn Kimber’s Guide Books and emphasis on the stories of history, and of Oliver and Rachel DeMille’s TJEd homeschool lifestyle philosophy.

She also developed It Gets Easier – Hacking the Teen Years, a unique course and philosophy on parenting teens, and the journey the youth travel from childhood to becoming adults in the areas of communication and social interaction. An active LDS mother, she tells parents that they are “Raising Their Peers in Eternity.”

Cherie has been married to Dr. Neil C. Logan since 1978 and is the mother of ten children, six “in-law” children, and as of October 2017, she has 16 grandchildren with another grandson expected in November. She is also the foster grandmother of several sweet children who have come into her family circle. Cherie and Neil’s first child, a premature son named Marshall, was born in 1979, and lived two months in the hospital before he died, cradled in his mother’s tender embrace, while she was encircled by his father’s loving arms.


Neil and Cherie had nine more children between 1980 and 1998. Cherie became involved in homeschooling in 1981 and counts that decision as one of the best – and family-shaping – choices she and Neil have ever made.  Cherie often states, “The four most important things in creating and building our family have been total commitment and activity in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, my being able to stay at home to raise our children, Neil arranging to be home as often as possible and participating in Scouts with our sons, and homeschooling our children in an environment filled with play, books, movies, and friends.”

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2010, right before Ryan left for his Virginia Richmond mission.

Logan Family reunion july 2014

July 2014 – Everybody except for our missionary, Chalae, serving in Honduras.

August 2017 when Ryan married Sharla. Since then, Chani had another son, Connor, and now Ryan and Sharla are expecting their son, Jack, in November 2017.